Jacob’s Ladder – Day 1

Waiting makes us impatient. We often feel it’s a waste of time. Yet a lot happens while we wait. This day’s sound explores the dynamics of how we wait for performances whether they are theatre or music.

In most cultures there are certain codes that we follow in how to behave. There are particular volumes of speech. Waiting for a football match will have a different set of sounds rather than waiting for a performance in a concert hall. Depending on the relationships with who you are with, there are sets of jokes and conversations.

The sounds and the conversations all add to our sense of expectation.

When the performer(s) arrive there is a change. Sometimes silence, sometimes excited speech. In a classical music performance I find the act of the orchestra tuning up to have an enormous impact in heightening expectation and calming other sounds drawing focus on what is to come.

The first note that sounds becomes the first bite into tasty food. The waiting was the smell that wafted around the house while good food was cooked. And now it’s time to eat.


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