Jacob’s Ladder – Day 3

From haloed spaces to seemingly mundane places. Depending on what we wait for our levels of peace, calm and irritability fluctuate. Waiting in the shopping line can be quite exciting if there’s some new toy or gift that’s being bought. The longer the queue and the more ordinary the thing, the sooner the thought ‘hurry up!’ arrives stamping it’s foot in a vain hope that either the queue or time itself would move faster.

As a parent who waits with children the whole dynamic gets complex. Children can make up their own games and songs or they can be just tired and irritated. Often they sound out, our inner feelings about waiting.

Queueing is considered ‘very British.’ Maybe it is. But waiting isn’t uniquely British. What queueing does is order the waiting in a particular fashion. It does work out better in terms of time and more importantly there is a feeling that it’s fair. In places where queues are disregarded, waiting becomes highly chaotic, sometimes bad tempered and sometimes jovial.

I find that waiting creates in me one of the following attitudes : Irritation, Resignation, Expectation and A Deepening Awareness of the Moment. What about you?


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