Jacob’s Ladder – Day 4

Rain is important. Without it, a large chunk of our conversation would die. Yes, trees and plants as well.

In hot countries rain is longed for. Growing up in India we waited for the monsoon to the end the unbearable summer.  In colder countries rain is considered an embarrassing relative.

Regardless of your view of rain, not too many people want to stand in it getting wet. People get out of it, into some form of shelter, waiting till at least the heaviest part of it passes.

Rain sometimes forces a time of waiting on people. It’s that sense where we wait without any real tangible ending point. In our enforced waiting astonishing things are happening beneath the surface. The earth is fed, the trees are fuelled and little welly boots prowl for puddles to splash in.

The waiting in rain brings the awareness that I’m part of the something far, far larger than me. This is part of the Advent wait, where things happen beneath the surface, things beyond us, yet things that we are called to be a part of.



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