Jacob’s Ladder – Day 14

From earthy bubblings to electronic waitings. Kettles and microwaves have made life much faster. But it doesn’t take the wait away. When we’re impatient a wait is a wait whether it’s a minute or an hour.

This is the third day around the sounds of home and specifically around food. Why? In reflecting around advent, Christmas, the home and around the person of Jesus, food has a huge part to play. Of course there is the gorging of food around Christmas. There is the more communal experience of food. There is the soul nourishing possibilities that hover around the eating and sharing of food.

The project revolves around that strange middle eastern man known as Jesus. And in the accounts we have of him, he is very interested in food. On one level he is always at feasts and parties with the wrong sorts of people. On another, he prays all night. It is a confusing picture and I would say it is meant to be.

This is after all the Word made flesh. What is far apart is drawn together. The calendar through it’s theme of waiting is exploring what this could mean. It is a puzzle.

The greatest puzzle around food and the Word made flesh is when he becomes the host of the feast and its food. That is plain and simple wierd. But it is a wierdness that accompanies Christmas. It is a strangeness that we chew upon. Waiting for the satisfaction of the deep hunger of our humanity.


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