Jacob’s Ladder – Day 15

A diversion away from the home. Either when the cook can’t face it, or we fancy a change, off we head to the chippy, the curry house, the Chinese. Or phone or online. The ease with which urban societies can access food is astonishing.

A combination of ridiculous amounts of fat and oil, sugar and salt does make this enjoyable but the truth is too much of the ‘fast’ stuff is not going to work as the norm. The body needs some of the ‘waited out’ stuff. There is something built into the system of our existence that insists on waiting. Advent redraws our attention to that.


(As I write this two tireless volunteers are restocking the food bank at church. Some of the people you see through the various videos are the volunteers who help stock the food bank and keep it running along with many others who are all in the building trying to provide for those who have been unlucky on circumstance and/or bearing the brunt of poor choices. The contrast between immediate and cheap access and the growing number of those dependent on food banks is stark in one of the top ten economies of the world.)


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