Jacob’s Ladder – Day 18

As the ladder lowers, so does the tone. Today is the sounds of the toilet.

Advent looks forward to Christmas. John’s gospel calls this happening ‘the Word became flesh.’ Part of this fleshliness is expressed in the discharge of bodily ‘stuff’. In other words Jesus humanity means that he had to excrete and urinate like any other creature. This is something quite hard to get around.

If something is holy, beautiful and good, can it excrete? This puzzlement goes back to the early days of Christianity where Marcion said that the real Christ could not have assumed a material body because it would be ‘stuffed with excrement.’ The argument that was held against this as Tertullian said was that the incarnation was grace to matter. All matter.  (I’ve paraphrased this argument from Charles Lock brilliant essay on the incarnation and carnival.)

So at the centre of Christmas is this great puzzle. That blob of flesh which came out bloodied and icky is God? Or the other way, God in whatever way God can be concieved is found in this blob of flesh that poos and wees?

In the mean time our body carries on its processes.

Sometimes a rather irritating process.

Anyone else been desparate for the loo while another person has occupied the throne? 🙂

This video is different in a couple of ways. It starts of in the dark and the recording is binaural, so if you listen with your headphones you’ll get a better sense of the spacing out of the sounds.


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