Jacob’s Ladder – Day 23

Today’s sounds take snatches of what has happened over the last 22 days. It is an act of remembering. There are times when we forget what we wait for. Sometimes it is a giving up of hope. Sometimes it is just distraction.

The stories around Jesus birth and later life have a lot of remembering, misunderstanding and forgetting. Mary on hearing that she will be mother to Jesus sings a song that Hannah sings, which in turn is from an older song. That act of singing into the new context recontextualises the promise as time goes on.

Within the birth narrative there are two who seem to get it. They are two old people who have truly waited. They have waited all their lives and they see the crumpled flesh in front of them and they know. They have seen. The promise hasn’t yet been fully realised but they see the promise in flesh. And that is enough for them. Their memory of their long lives, along with memory of their people has found its fulfilment in this baby from nowhere. Long back I wrote a song of this wait fulfilled.

So a time to remember.


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